Don't Get Eliminated EP

by Mosaic Dream

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released March 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Mosaic Dream Houston, Texas

Influenced by the progressive hardcore bands that dominated the 2000s, we are Mosaic Dream.

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Why is your pace getting faster?
I'm preparing for fate's next disaster.
Close blinds, and pull notes for your new plans
You're leading a circus of ghosts.

Take it a step too far
Losing control I'm sure you are.
Rest assure, I'm well aware of your little tricks.
Keep it up, please entertain the membrane of all of us.
But wait, a few circuits have come up short
Who'd have thought?

It's coming in waves, tear into the system
Pulses increasing, battles arriving

Your deceiving is meaningless
I'm stepping back to straighten out myself
Before the sun comes to burn us all.

Because it's falling apart,
I've lost the ability to see with my own eyes.
As everything starts to turn your way
We see your true nature

Is it better for you now?
The crowd is speaking so loud.
Turn your head and walk away.
On the other side of the fence, there is new prey
Finally calling every hand in the game
Track Name: Prince Prospero Didn't Know
The leisure has set sail
Anchors lifted, infinite speed
I've pushed the barrier to break
through for you

It's already done

It seems I've lost my mind
Taking chances, I am...
Risking life itself

Would you still make believe with me?
This time around, somethings different.
Would you still make everything okay?

Dance under lights, colors blend the lights.
Many rooms of unexpected surprise.
Where does stranger of threaten get off?
The ruler of the night, filling his delight, filling all with fright.
Please clear the room, impending doom!
Crisis among us!
We are not safe here!

Every fallen soul has no chance now.
Who's the victor?